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ECAM is the Egyptian Company for Aircraft Maintenance.

* ECAM has and will continue to invest in the latest technologies to meet the demands of our current and future customers.

* ECAM supports all maintenance tasks, both routine and non- routine, ensuring the highest technical dispatch reliability and standards. We invest in our people through top-quality training and we develop processes tailored to fit each customer’s demands. With our unrivalled knowledge and experience, coupled with our comprehensive tooling and equipment inventory, we are able to provide best-in-class service to long haul and short haul customers.

* In order to ensure fast and cost effective services ECAM is capable of establishing new line stations in locations most convenient for its customers at a very short notice.

* ECAM is a Team of Highly Skilled Aircraft Engineers and Technicians who are very familiar with SSH & HRG International Airports operation.

Our Services .

* Aircraft Line Maintenance Services

* Tools, Equipment Leasing and Consumable Supply .

* Technical Store Collection/Delivery (logistic) Services

* Technical Store Space Leasing , Tools management , Tools movement

* Support Services for AOG

* Aircraft Headset Services

* Engineering Manpower Support (if and when required )

* Qualified Aircraft Towing Technicians Assistant

* Aircraft Transit check

* Aircraft Technical Certification

* Servicing of the Aircraft

* Cabin maintenance

* Daily Check

* Weekly check

* Trouble Shooting

Our Quality .

The quality systems and procedures laid down by ECAM is set to the highest international standards and include the latest Safety Management System.

We are continuously working to expand our customer base and working on innovative methods to improve our productivity without compromising safety standards

Line Maintenance Office Operational Control Centre work 24/7 to control movement & disseminate information to all line maintenance staff, O.C.C is equipped with 2 VOIP telephone lines, 4 computers connected to internet , VHF & UHF radio communication, SITA machine and lives flight information display system for aircraft movement. We are Also Equipped with following facilities.

1• Hangar space for maintenance & parking .

2• Ramp support unit :

We have developed a ramp support unit that can clean leakage in the ramp and support AOG maintenance Activities.

800 watts LED light (Environment Friendly)

3• Tools, Equipment Leasing and Consumable Supply

ECAM is equipped with latest and Technically advanced tools and equipment which are stored in an Atmosphere Controlled Store facility and periodically Calibrated and maintained to the highest standards.

ECAM stores have stock of consumable materials in its advanced storage facility and would supply them to the customer within the Airport or transport them with its Partner Freight Works to another Airport.

4• Technical Store Collection/Delivery Service If your Aircraft is unable to be dispatched due to unavailability of an aircraftAircraft Spare part, ECAM will arrange the logistics for the spare part to reach Sharm El Shiekh Airport as Early as possible minimizing your ground time and parking fees and lowering your cost per landing.

5• Technical Store Space Leasing You can Lease a space to store your Aircraft spares and equipment at ECAM storage facility.

Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities .

= TC Holder | Airbus

= A/C | Type 320

= TC Holder | Boeing

= A/C | Type 737-500-737-800

= Limitations|

= Maint.Level up to A | Check

= Maint.Level up to A | Check

Contact E.C.A.M

Address: 19 Farouk Amer Sheraton first floor apartment 4

Phone: 02 22678183
Email: info@ecam-eg.com
Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Weekends closed on Friday