At ECAM Organization with our German Partner
Heinze Academy, one of the most flexible EASA Part 147 approved training organisations
in Europe with 85 years of experience, we educate aircraft maintenance.

We have prepared special Part 66 exams (B1, B2), training and preparation courses, so you can get your license quickly.
This way you can become one of the most in-demand professionals worldwide, with one of the highest salaries in technical trades.

With us and an EASA Part 66 license,

your professional opportunities can expand in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and globally.

ECAM Organization with corporation with Heinze Academy is the leading training provider approved to offer aircraft maintenance training and provide examinations and issue “Certificates of Recognition” (COR) for license categories B1.1 & B2 as defined by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and and German Civil Aviation Authority   (LBA).


Aircraft Maintenance Technician License ( TB1.1 & TB2 ) Maintenance Training and Examination Organization Approved By EASA.147

Why become an Aircraft Maintenance engineer?


There are many reasons why becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer is an excellent career choice. For one, it’s a high-paying field that requires a global qualification, particularly a license.

In addition, there is high demand for aircraft maintenance jobs all over the world, making it a versatile profession that allows you to work anywhere.

Moreover, there are numerous opportunities for career growth in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. Lastly, as an aircraft maintenance engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the latest technology, honing your practical skills along the way.

Benefits of attending the EASA Part 66 exams and training at the ECAM Organization:


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You can take a local unit exam at a Part 147 training workshop that has been approved by the Commission.

Technically, anyone can take the unit tests, but it is recommended to have prior technical knowledge, although it is not mandatory.

The unit tests are computer-based exams that are designed to test your knowledge and skills, so you may need to use your judgment to answer some of the questions. However, they are not designed specifically for exam-proofing purposes.

To obtain a B1.1 license, one must pass 13 multiple-choice tests (one for each module) and 3 essay tests (for modules M7A, M9A, and M10), making a total of 16 tests. These tests are divided into 13 Cat modules.

ECAM and the Heinze Academy conduct a review session before every essay exam where examinees are provided with detailed information on the key elements for writing a successful essay. Additionally, we offer an article writing course that covers all possible scenarios and includes practice essays.

You can choose to attend any number of modules, either individually or as a complete package, at any approved Part 147 training organization or CAA. All certifications issued by accredited training organizations are mutually recognized and accepted as equal.

The person must attend the differential modules for the B2 license category checked at a higher level.

The person must attend the differential modules for the B1.1 license class checked at the highest level.

If someone fails a unit test, they may retake it no earlier than a month after the first attempt. Retraining should be provided by ECAM Academy, and if no retraining is offered, the second attempt cannot be made earlier than three months after the first.